Zetor Proxima CL80 Tractor

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We have just taken back this mint Zetor Proxima CL80 from one of our customers who changes his tractor every two years! He keeps the tractor in mint condition and has been such a loyal customer of ours for the last 16 tractors!!!

This tractor was new in July¬† 2019 and was on the Highland show stand in that year, it is of the new “mothering regulations” era and so right up to date. As with all Zetor traoctors of this size and type it is a “NON COMMON RAIL” engine so no computer control, standard injection pump and injectors, and NO adblue. It has power brakes, front mudguards, two double acting spools, quick hitch linkage arms, mechanical shuttle gearbox with 12/12 gears, adjustable wheels front and rear. This is just exactly how you would you would like to see a ideal size of tractor presented, and fit for any job at considerably less than new price. This tractor is still within the manufacturers warranty period. An absolutely beautiful machine!!