Wolvo R500 Baler

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We are the UK importer for the Wolvo range of balers, combo balers and wrappers.

We have in stock a new Wolvo R500 baler, we have been working with these balers since the 1990,s and have found them to be the best mini baler on the market in our opinion. The balers come from Italy and are a proper baler made in miniature and whilst there are a number of versions and options we have kept the spec to a workable level to suit all crops and tractors.

We have over the years sold balers to bale silage, haylage, hay, straw, dried wild flowers and heather, so as you can tell they are a very versatile bit of kit.

The balers that we offer in UK come in two versions, using tractor hydraulics or with an onboard tank and pump so they are self contained other than pto power and 12volt electric supply.  Either of these versions can come with a feed roller just behind the pickup to aid with the input of very light grasses or crop. All the balers we bring in are the trailed netwrap type, with bale kicker, gathering wheels, 540 rpm, with in-cab control of door and pickup reel functions.

We carry a good supply of parts for the balers and have over the years know the right parts to stock and advise customers to check over out of season.

We are pleased to say that we have a number of balers and Combo balers sold for next season, and have our out of season terms about to start to be able to secure build slots at the factory and pricing for next year.

Please get in touch if you would like more information on the Wolvo products that we offer