Galfre 420/12 Single Rotor Rake


We have just built up this new Galfre 420/12 single rotor rake which is now ready for immediate delivery. We are the importers of Galfre machines into Scotland from Italy and have done so now for almost twelve years.

During this time we have been impressed with the strength and reliability of the Galfre grass equipment and because Galfre only produce grass equipment they can focus on getting the product right and we can afford to be competitively priced as we ship it in to us direct from Italy crated and then build it up at Methlick.

The Galfre rakes have a strong headstock with twin stabalizers to keep it in line in sidlings, a oil immersed steel cam and crank main gearbox giving smooth operation of the 12 arms on this model. We can adjust the machine up and down for height of stubble plus on the 420 we can also adjust the machine for lateral angle in undulating ground, helping the tandem axles to follow the contours and produce and extremely clean job of raking the grass.

We have great strength in our pipe arms that hold the rake tines, with a fool proof locking system for the location and locking of the arms, minimising the wear that can occur on the arms over years of operation.

All in all an excellent machine at a very competitive price and available now!!